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Newsletter 2017

Is it that time again………aaaagggghh!!!

Here we go again, another season draws to a close and once again the newsletter needs to be written. While enjoying our two-week holiday I was considering asking Lesley if she wanted to have a go at writing it for a change, but then again, I knew what the answer would be and she will be pulling it to pieces and making changes anyway. So, I thought…… it’s either, just get on with it or not bother at all. I know how disappointed some of you would be if I decided on the latter. You will be pleased to know that I am ready and willing to put pen to paper having come back refreshed from our road trip where I learnt a few things, mainly that North Wales would probably be nice if it ever stopped raining and also, that they don’t appear to like dogs!! Apologies now to any of our customers from the area, although we can’t think of any…lol

Xmas Card  The first question is, will you get a separate Christmas card this year??.... Well you probably know the answer to this question, as you have already opened the envelope. Unless she has forgotten to put one in of course. It was always going to depend if I could find enough useless news and information to fill four pages……It was also dependent on whether we could scrape together the pennies for them…lol.

Pitch Fees  Despite my last statement I will start with some good news, we have frozen the prices. We are not putting an increase on anything, so pitch fees, extras and electricity all remain the same for your 2018 holiday at Magic Cove. Despite ongoing increases in water, electricity and waste disposal charges we are feeling in a generous mood. Can’t think of any more good news at the moment, but then again, I don’t have anything to complain about either. Things may change as you read on…happy days Bob, happy days.

Improvements  At this point, I usually write about all the improvements we have made to enhance your holiday at Magic Cove in 2017. However, this year I sadly have nothing to report, as pre-season we did b**ger all apart from the usual lick of paint to the washrooms and building. You will be pleased to know I have a few little plans for this coming season, one of which was by request of one of you!! Actually, having thought about it, we decided it was quite a good suggestion and will be for multi-use…. At least one of you will know what it is and for those who don’t, it will be something to look forward to at Magic Cove in 2018. Please don’t think this means we will carry out all suggestions, but are open to sensible ideas. Hopefully, money permitting, we propose to do some major and exciting changes in the washrooms ready for the 2019 season…….so watch this space for more news.

Peskey Wabbits  You may have noticed how there was a distinct shortage of Rabbits this year. I have mixed emotions on this one, I do love to see them as they are in lots of ways a big part of the sites’ magic. On the plus side it meant less holes on the pitches for me to fill in before you turn your ankles in them and also far less rabbit droppings for your dogs to eat!! For those of you concerned, we didn’t do anything horrible to them, maybe they will do what rabbits do and be back for you all to enjoy next year.

BT Internet  Do you have a BT email address? We apologise now if you have had trouble receiving a reply from us, they were a big problem when we had to email you good people. At least 80% got returned to us saying undeliverable. The reason given, was always that there are too many messages. I initially thought that you were causing the problem with over full mailboxes, but what I didn’t realise was, when they said too many emails, they meant us. Apparently, BT Internet considered Magic Cove to be spammers due to the amount of emails we send. A few changes to the settings with our web hosting company and hey presto, no more problem. Wish I knew this before, would have kept my lovely wife’s stress levels down!!

Recycling  I have thought of something to moan about, “that didn’t take you long” I hear you shout!!  We like to think that our rubbish and recycling area is fairly well signed and pretty self-explanatory. One bin for general waste, one for mixed recycling and one for glass. However, this doesn’t seem to stop people being lazy and putting their items into the first bin available. One particular issue we have is glass in the mixed recycling bin. Lesley really gets a bee in her bonnet over this one and tries to sort the bins on a weekly basis while moaning under her breath. Please remember to not put glass in there as if not found before collection, it makes the whole bin contaminated. So please do your bit. Also remember, happy wife means happy life!!!

Weather  This brings me on nicely to another thing I always love to have a moan about……. the bloody weather, in particular BBC Weather. I go to bed being told that I am going to wake up to a nice day, but guess what, when I wake up it is raining….!!!!. I never understand why they do a long range forecast, as they don’t seem to be able to get the next few hours right. My new year’s resolution is to stop looking at the forecast and wait and see what we get. This will help keep my stress levels down as well………
Getting around to Magic Cove’s weather for 2017, it was nice that we started the season with glorious sunshine and as always, plenty of grass, unfortunately we ended the season with neither. We always end up with no grass, but what the heavens gave us at the end was a real shocker……

Rainfall Stats (mm) An absolutely amazing start to the season with hardly any rain in April. We did not finish well though, with one of the wettest Septembers we have ever known at Magic Cove. Once again, not the Barbecue Summer we were promised for the school holidays…wish they would stop promising one!!





























So, a good start and a bad end, but there was, as always, lots of laughs and adventures in between and here are the best ones, did you get a mention or two??

Low Loaders  Early season there appeared to be a spate of breakdowns, firstly Gill and Clive Atholl-Murray arrived with their motorhome on a low loader in April resulting in a stressful holiday. The lorry was back for them again when the motorhome was taken away to be repaired locally. They were not expecting the damage caused to the back of their motorhome to add to their woes, however, when the local firm sent too small a lorry……...ouch. Following on from this Frank Chapman and his lovely partner Brenda needed the services of a low loader. Frank is one of our longest standing customers and also our oldest to be towing a caravan. Having spent three weeks at Magic Cove, Frank got just off site before his caravan unhitched and passed him going up into the bank near Cosy Corner. They had to be relayed home because of damage to their caravan, but thankfully, although both Brenda and Frank were a little shaken up, nobody was hurt. Not long after this Sheila and Tony Lynch arrived with their caravan on a low loader due to electrical problems, thankfully this one was delivered safely and repaired on site. This was then followed by Julie and Stuart Clarke who arrived safely, but some nice lady decided to rear end them while they were out visiting Truro. The car was very new and Stuart’s pride and joy being a limited edition.  For the fifth time in six weeks we had a low loader on site. Thankfully for Stuart the car wasn’t written off.

George  I decided to grow a beard this year, well a little bit of designer stubble anyway. Well, what really happened was that we went away for a few days before we opened and I forgot my razor. Lesley decided she quite liked the stubble, maybe it is the Gary Barlow effect………  I was quite flattered to be told by several of our customers that they thought I looked like George Michael. But he is dead I found myself constantly telling everyone. hopefully you all mean I looked like him before he went in the ground…....!!

Grimsby  I was on my travels again in early May to watch my beloved Plymouth Argyle. Having hit the top of the table going into the last game of the season I dared to ask Lesley if I could leave her in charge of the site, for the second year in a row after last year’s trip to Wembley and travel all the way to Grimsby to hopefully watch them lift the trophy. So, I was off again with my other lady Margaret to the seaside at Cleethorpes. A big thank you to Linda and Ray Jeacock for putting Margaret and myself up. Sadly, for the second year in a row, they managed to mess it up, although they still managed to go up to division 1, just losing out on goal difference.  Lesley is now seriously in credit for an in-season break!!!

Hiccups  Anyone who has heard my hiccups knows that, although quite funny initially, they can become very annoying. I was flabbergasted however by the cure that new customer Peter Hayes offered to me. He took five pounds out of his wallet and said to me “if you can hiccup again this fiver is yours”. My initial excitement of an easily earned five pounds was soon disappearing as I found I could not hiccup. Apparently, he had used this method before and it never fails. When telling this story to Richard the Butcher, he said “well if it had been me I would have faked the hiccup and taken his money” I have a lot to learn……… Doh!!

Fluorescent Jackets  A big thank you to Jane and John Berwick for the very kind gifts this year. I particularly liked the Cider, but the jackets were a big surprise. Not just one for me so I can ride around on the mower in the rain, but also one each for Lesley and Katie. Each coat had Magic Cove and our names printed on the back and superbly modelled by Jane, John and Sharon when they were presented to us.

Gales June brought us the dreaded wind. No, I am not talking about my personal problems, but the wind that causes damage to awnings and tents etc. One night in particular was exceptionally bad and once again a tent copped it. We do feel very sorry for the Hill family. Hilary, Peter and Duncan who always seem to be at Magic Cove when the winds come. So, if you are here the same week as them next year, batten down the hatches. While many of you took evasive action to secure your awnings Julie and Denis Underwood were left trapped in their caravan when things got nasty and their awning collapsed. I have a little less sympathy for them as despite constant warnings to you all, they decided to pitch facing the sea and the usual wind direction. We strongly advise you pitch with your awnings facing inland. You have been warned.

Tight Fit  If you have an old wetsuit or one that you have outgrown then please bring it along and we will try our best to sell it on for you. We hang them outside during peak times and if anyone is interested in purchasing one then help yourselves and try it on. This turned out to be quite a stressful occurrence for one Magic Cover this year who chose one to try on. Linda Jeacock had to come to the rescue when she heard lots of commotion in the ladies. Poor Julie Underwood’s choice of wetsuit was a little on the tight side and having got it on found she could hardly breathe, let alone go surfing. It was so tight Julie was heard to scream the words….”my boobs have disappeared” Thankfully with the help of Linda, Julie eventually managed to escape the dreaded wetsuit and harmony was restored, along with Julies boobs…...!!!!

Pruning  For those of you located on one of the outer pitches you may sometimes have a problem with overgrowth. I do try to trim the hedges two or three times a year which helps, but for those who stay for a long time on any one pitch additional help may be needed. Or as Linda Jeacock put it when she came up to me one day “Brian, I wonder if you could come and trim my bush”. Thinking about it for a moment and suddenly realising what she wanted I was on hand, ready and willing with my tools. So, if anyone else has the same problem with offending overgrowth, please don’t hesitate to ask……....

Road Art  We have to say we were very impressed with the children from the posh end who decided to carry out some chalk art on the road during their stay in August. This started as a few small drawings, but by the end of the week we were left with the whole road covered in what can only be described as a sea of colour. A few moaned that it made the site look untidy, but to be honest, we would rather the children were doing this as opposed to kicking balls around the site, riding skateboards or generally making a nuisance of themselves. Also after the next downpour which wasn’t too long, it was all gone anyway.

Sad News  We were very sad to hear of the passing of two Magic Cove regulars this year. Firstly, Norman Marsh who lost his long battle with Parkinson’s Disease in June and this was followed by David Bines who sadly lost his battle with cancer in August. Having battled oesophagus Cancer in the past this sadly spread to his brain. Our condolences go out to both Norman and David’s family and friends. RIP gentlemen.  

Rainbow Bridge  We also said goodbye to a few of our four-legged regulars at Magic Cove this year. Our four-legged friends are very special too, so thought I would give them a mention. We said goodbye to dogs Stan (Jane & Rob Harper), Alfie (Linda & Ray Jeacock), Pippa (Kim & Paul Cavagin), and Niamh the cat (Lesley & Brian Smith). Rest in peace and enjoy your time playing over the Rainbow Bridge….

X factor I was impressed by the singing skills of Molly the dog who came to Magic Cove in September with Jayne and Rob Harper. She would break out in howling to Jane’s rendition of “How much is that doggy in the window”. A talent indeed and Britain’s got Talent awaits. Trouble was, I am not really sure if she was actually trying to sing or was she howling to get Jane to stop singing!!!...........Hooowwwwwllll.

The Youngs  We feel we should give a special mention to Beverly and John who have decided that after more years than we can remember, 2017 was going to be the final year they would spend their twice-yearly holiday at Magic Cove. This is due to a culmination of things, including their equipment and their selves getting too old. John, now in his 80’s feels it is time to have a less stressful journey not having to tow a caravan or setting up on site. They are, however, reluctant to give up their trips to Mawgan Porth. Next year they will be staying in a static on Marver. I am sure the July and September regulars will see them around, either on Magic Cove or body boarding with their wooden boards (and no wetsuits – very brave!!). Before any of you get too excited, their slots have already been taken for 2018..!!

Golf  I have decided to take up another hobby, as if I don’t do enough already. I started by going up to the Driving Range on Merlin with regular Ray Jeacock and we both found we quite enjoyed it. We need to say thank you to a few. Mainly Alan Wickens for the Golf Clubs and trolley, also a big thank you to the two expert golfers who came along and gave us some pointers Denis Underwood and Keith Bailey. So, Lesley has now become a golf widow along with my Snooker and Plymouth Argyle obsession. Keeps us out of each other’s pockets day and night. I am personally not that good and hope for golf lessons for a Christmas present… So, if anyone fancy’s a round next year, bring your clubs and I will see if we can spare a few hours. Am I beginning to sound like someone else that many of you will remember...??

Ten Pin  We continued to have our bowling nights during early season and again in September. It is not possible during July and August unfortunately because the bowling centre is too busy with their own guests to accommodate us all. Star bowler of the season was Richard Dixey with his impressive score of 156. Lesley had a chance to beat it on one occasion needing four pins off her last spare, but could not take the pressure and guttered the ball. Bravo to Alan Wickens, Ray Jeacock and Richard Dixey who all made the effort and wore waistcoats for our final night, you all looked very smart. Sorry mine was a bit boring, wait to you see what I have in store for you next year, better bring your sunglasses........

Coffee Morning and Party  Once again both were an amazing success and well attended. Thank you to Sue and Alan Wickens for hosting the Coffee Morning. We had a raffle this year to boost funds and a big thank you to all who donated prizes. Alan was especially pleased to win the prize donated by Sharon Potter which was a big hug and a kiss. Sadly, he will have to wait until next year to receive his prize as Sharon wasn’t in attendance this September. I was hoping to win this one, but Alan had sneakily hidden it at the bottom of the pile so nobody else noticed it before his number was lucky enough to come up. We raised £585 on the day which included donations during the season from the sale of wetsuits and also Gary Brammers bracelets etc which sold well throughout the season. We have had a little tot up of what we have raised since we started Macmillan collections in 2013 and are proud to say between us all we have raised a total of £4407. That’s an incredible amount so give yourselves a big pat on the back…...

Frosty the Snowman  There are a few on site that keep requesting that we open for Christmas. this will never happen however as firstly we are not licenced for it and secondly, we wish to enjoy our Christmas as well without worrying about the site being open. We do love the efforts that Alan Wickens goes to in order to make his September holiday feel like Christmas. This year he turned up with a giant inflatable snowman that was taller than his caravan. Very impressive Alan. What will you turn up with next year, think the Snowman will take a bit of beating. The challenge is on……over to you Alan..........

Get Together  We were pleased to meet up with a lot of you at the start of our road trip in mid-October. We were amazed to find out just how many of you lived quite close to the area where we started. A big thank you to Linda who organised the event. It was lovely to see Sharon and Ian Potter who we missed in September. It’s ok Alan I collected your raffle prize for you…..!!!!. It was also good to catch up with Maureen and Mick Burton during our trip. Get well soon Maureen and we will see you at Magic Cove in 2018.

And Finally
A certain lady not too far from me is celebrating a milestone birthday on the 3rd January. Not mentioning any numbers, but sure you can all work it out. This is not a request for cards and gifts, in fact she is giving you a gift instead. An extra week to get your deposits in as she will be in celebration mode and probably rather drunk!!!! So, you have until 14th January to confirm if you are coming or going…I mean coming or not. Also, could we please refrain from ringing up on the 3rd to pay your deposit, she may be a tad busy opening all her presents and drinking copious amounts of wine…..  Please also be patient in receiving back your booking confirmations, they will be done dreckly.......

So there we have it for another year..... I hope you liked it and see you all again at Magic Cove in 2018

With very best wishes
Lesley, Brian, Lauren, Katie & Mawgan xx

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