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Newsletter 2019

Magic Cove News 2019
Where's that pesky wabbit.....!!!

The observant ones amongst you will notice the bigger font on this newsletter. I have obviously chosen this option, because I wish to get to the end much quicker!! Mainly to keep my sanity, as despite saying that I would write it gradually over the season, once again, as always, this did not happen!! I can’t believe that another year has flown by and here I am again writing the annual newsletter! The last two months of the season were more manic than usual for us. Our daughter Lauren purchased her first home earlier in the summer and we have been busy helping her with decorating etc. We also decided to build an extension at home to have a new en-suite for our bedroom. August onwards was probably not ideal, but the builder was available so we ran with it.......!!

Prices   I can imagine that you are all now thinking that you will be funding our new en-suite via a price increase at Magic Cove, but we are in a good mood and have decided that for next season. We will not increase the basic pitch fee; however, we are looking at increasing the extra charges by a small amount. So, if you bring loads of extras, then yes you are funding our en-suite…... lol. This will include dogs who will be going up to £1 each. This will be the first ever price increase for dogs since we opened in 1981!!  They create by far the greatest weight in our bins, you know what they say… “shit happens, but it’s how you deal with it that matters” and we have to deal with quite a lot of it….

Improvements   We hope you liked the new rebrand for the site, we are well chuffed with it and think it gives the site a more modern feel with the new colour scheme. This was one of the improvements we carried out last winter along with the new Sign Lights and Storage Shed which was my winter project to upgrade the old rubbish shed. There you could find, Windbreaks, Buckets, Spades and Bodyboards. We were both well impressed with how tidy you kept the new facility. Well either that, or perhaps nobody realised it was available and never bothered to make use of it. I have no plans for improvements on the main site this year, as Lesley is going to keep me busy at home finishing off the en-suite and bedroom decorating. I also hope to finally get around to building my large man shed. I do have plans to do some much-needed maintenance to the Tennis Court area, which has become very overgrown and the entrance needs attention………… We are also hoping to have a new website built at some stage next year, as the current one is now looking a little dated. We don’t have a time scale for this at the moment, but watch this space. Good news regarding the Online Booking Forms, which we were having problems receiving through - we have kind of solved the issue, a compromise on the layout, but they do now arrive in our Inbox. Hopefully this will be fully resolved with the new website.

Piss Poor  Not much for us to get angry with you about this season, apart from one thing that we considered pretty disgusting. For a few days in a row, while carrying out our cleaning duties in the gents, we found that someone had been urinating in and filling up the toilet brush holders. If this was a small child, please remember they should be accompanied by a responsible adult when they go to the toilet. However, we assumed this was probably an adult as once Lesley put up one of her polite notices, this stopped. Whoever you were, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, or else you need to be drinking a little less alcohol. Although we see the funny side of most things that you manage to get up to, we were not impressed…..!!  Okay rant over and we move on.

Pesky Wabbit  One question we got asked on many occasions throughout the season was where is the rabbit in the hat weather vane?? I had planned to wind you all up and spin a yarn to repeat the events of 1996 when Eric, the Rabbit in the Hat got stolen from the site, much to Stan’s distress. He really did get stolen; we think by one of our mischievous customers. Stan even received postcards from many places showing Eric enjoying his holidays!!  He had his suspicions on who the culprit was, but couldn’t prove it. How many of you have been coming long enough to remember this saga and indeed is the culprit still coming to Magic Cove?? If so, feel free to confess your sins. We all now see the funny side and would love to know who it was. The real reason for the weather vane absence this year, was that he had to get moved when we had the new main sign installed and we did not get round tuit (more nostalgia there for those who have been coming long enough). Eric requires a coat of paint, some extra grease up his rear end and then he will be making a welcome return next season. If we can find a new location for him that is.  

Rainfall Stats (mm)  A mixed season, May was exceptional and the Spring Bank week was relatively dry for a change. However, we did not finish well, with our final week a complete wash out, which impacted on our coffee morning, raffle and party.





































Continuing with the weather theme, something happened at Magic Cove this season that had never been seen before. We did not see it ourselves, but one regular Dave Thomas on pitch 14 seemed extremely freaked out about it (chill out Dave!!) Apparently, a mini tornado went through, affecting the dog run end of the site. It came up over the hedge from Marver, completely destroyed an awning on that site. Thankfully Magic Cove got away relatively unscathed, with the tent on pitch 13 surviving apart from removed tent pegs and most belongings being lifted off the ground and then being dropped again. It also caused similar damage to the rest of the pitches in its path and then continued harmlessly on its way over the hedge and up towards the dog run and Tennis Court never to be seen again……very strange indeed. We also had many thunderstorms throughout May which resulted in a few blackouts on site. I lost count of the amount of times I had to venture down to reset the radio. Thankfully things improved weather wise after this. That was until September, when things took a turn for the worse for our final week.

Doggy Treats  This year saw a new venture in Mawgan Porth called THE BARKERY. The idea of locals Jackson Lynn and Rebecca Kandola, they provide natural, healthy dog treats, gifts and even doggy birthday cakes for those who want to really spoil their furry friends. They had a stall set up down at the beach front over the holiday season and also came to
Magic Cove a few times. If you would like more information on their product, have a look at their website which is

Retirement  Sadly, after many years of providing the best barbecue produce to Magic Cove customers, Richard Ellery decided he wanted to retire. How inconvenient I hear you shout!! He had stopped selling off the back of his van a couple of years ago and was only taking telephone orders, due to stupid EU laws. The powers that be decided that his unrefrigerated van was no longer legal, despite using the van for all those years and not killing anybody! Pity Brexit didn’t happen a long time ago, however I am not going to start bringing politics into this newsletter.  Seriously though, I am sure everybody will join us in wishing Richard a very happy retirement. Your whit and sarcasm will be sadly missed.

Bailey Caravans  Not sure what ratio of these caravans we get at Magic Cove, but it was very funny to see Chris Bailey arrive with his in May. Chris had received much grief with the company, so decided to let his feelings known. On the back of his Caravan he had the following written:- “Do not buy a Bailey” in big letters. Underneath in much smaller letters “in my opinion” to cover his ass of course. This must have caused much amusement to those following him on the road, as it did to us all at Magic Cove. Very funny Chris......

The end of the Jeep  It was sad to see the end of a Magic Cove institution in May, when another regular arrived. Reg Whitmore minus his pride and joy a 1995 Jeep Cherokee which had been coming to Magic Cove as long as I can remember.  It used to belong to his daughter-in-law Jo, but she had to get a new one because it kept breaking down. She gave it to Reg with a set of pushrods and he fixed it. He has stripped and rebuilt cylinder heads, gaskets and all sorts over years to keep it running as well as keeping it absolutely immaculate. Sadly, at 23 years old Reg had to a say goodbye to it. Will his new vehicle last as long? I am sure Reg will give it his special attention.

Hog Roast Regular Bob Flower celebrated his 60th birthday at Magic Cove this year. Bob decided he wanted to share this milestone with everybody on site, so arranged for a delicious Hog Roast to pay us a visit. It was a lovely afternoon, when the weather was kind to us and we all sat around enjoying the lovely Hog Roast reminiscing about Bob……there was a lot to talk about…... Hope you were living the dream Bob and had a very happy day. You never know, if anybody else has a milestone birthday, or something to celebrate, we could always invite the Hog Roast back next year………Crack on!!

Illness  We had a few instances this year when sickness had a serious effect on people’s holiday at Magic Cove. Firstly, Paul who spent part of his holiday in our local hospital due to complications from a recent heart operation, then returned home as soon as he was able, to see his own consultant. Also, Harry who missed his July/August holiday due to a very serious motorbike accident, Natalie who missed her September holiday following major surgery and Mo and Phil who also missed their September holiday. You were all sadly missed by all at Magic Cove this year. We wish you and many of our other customers who have been ill this year, a speedy recovery and hope to see you all again in 2020.

Bowling Record  We continued to have our bowling evenings at Atlantic Lanes this season. We try to organise the whole site evenings when we can, unfortunately this is not possible in peak weeks as they have their own customers to cater for. We have a new highest score…… a superb score of 196 was achieved by Denis Underwood in June and nobody came close during the rest of season. I think this score is going to take some beating. Who is up for the challenge in 2020? It certainly won’t be me!!

Retorrick Splashes  Two instances of ladies for whom trips to Retorrick Mill ended in damp endings. Firstly, Sharon Potter, while taking her granddaughter Catie to see the ducks managed to fall in the lake (sorry Sharon, you get a mention in this newsletter every year!!) And then Tina Caine, who was walking back with Clare Gray, managed to fall in the stream near The Park. Think alcohol was probably to blame in both instances, although Clare may have been a bad influence in the latter!!

Mr & Mrs Wainwright   Congratulations to Laura & Craig who finally got married in August. They were due to be married the previous year but tragically Laura fell seriously ill just a few days before the wedding and had to be rushed into hospital for an emergency operation. Sadly, despite the wedding preparations being in place and all family and friends already in Cornwall for the big day, there was no way it could go ahead. Thankfully this time everything went smoothly and they had a very special day. Laura’s parents Cathy & Stuart Milnes would like to say a big thank you to all Magic Covers for the love, support and concern that they showed during the unfortunate events of 2018. I am sure you all join us in wishing them both a very happy future together.

Mr & Mrs Thorpe  We would also like to say congratulations to regulars Jane and Quentin who got married this year and then honeymooned at Magic Cove in September. We hope you had a very special honeymoon and wish you every happiness for the future.

Marver Chalets were finally demolished in August and truck loads of sand removed, in preparation for 7 new 4-bedroom properties. If anyone is interested in this development, you can view the details at

Coffee Morning & Raffle  Our annual Macmillan Coffee morning and raffle draw went ahead this year thanks to Lynne and Dudley at the Merrymoor. Our last week before closing was sadly a complete washout with a few giving up and leaving early and the day of the coffee morning was no exception. The Merrymoor kindly let us have use of their back bar for the occasion. As this year was 5 years since Lesley was diagnosed with Melanoma and has been signed off, we decided to have a grand raffle, selling tickets all season. We would like to say a special thank you to all the local businesses and all of you who donated so many wonderful prizes and congratulations to all the prize winners. We have informed everyone who was successful and for those who haven’t received your prize, we will give them to you when you visit in 2020, unless it’s chocolate (our one vice!!), in which case we might have eaten it. The total amount raised for Macmillan this year both on the day and through the raffle was an amazing £1022. Well done to you all.

End of Season Party Despite the awful weather in our last week, we sheltered from the wind round the launderette side of the building, with a couple of fire pits going and had a really great evening of food, drink, music, chatter and laughter. A great end to another very successful season. Thank you all.

And finally……..We will be opening for the 2020 season on Saturday 28th March. This is one week earlier than originally planned, thanks to Bob who somehow managed to talk us in to it in a moment of weakness. Before you all get any ideas, we will not be talked into opening up for Christmas……………..!!!!

We look forward to seeing you all at Magic Cove in 2020

Written by if I don't have enough to do!!
Edited by Lesley, who also has too much to do.  We're having a quiet year next year, ha ha!!!

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